10 cheap, easy tips to make clothes last longer

I like to shop for clothes as much as the next girl (except when I don’t because I can’t find anything that fits). Still, buying a new wardrobe can be expensive. If you’re living on a budget or you simply want to keep your favorite duds lasting a little bit longer, knowing simple ways to make them last longer helps!
Check out these ten ways you can make sure your favorite clothes last as long as possible.
1. Wash delicates in a bag
Stop throwing your bras (or your lacy negligee for that matter) straight into the washer! Instead, place those pricey panties into a mesh laundry bag, close it and toss the whole thing in the wash. Not only will this keep your bra strap from tangling, it keeps the delicates from getting beat up by other items in the wash, the Spruce recommends


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