10 Freaky Ingredients Found in McDonald’s Food that Will Make You SICK!

Here’s what I want you to do. Picture a juicy Big Mac with a side of fries. Just think about that juicy beef, that sesame seed bun and melty American cheese.

Are you salivating yet?

Well, brace your taste buds. They’re about to hit a massive brick wall.

Everybody knows McDonald’s has one of the worst reputations of any restaurant among health experts. But most people don’t know why.

Obesity is just one of the reasons. In reality, there are several more reasons– which shouldn’t come as any surprise if you’ve ever taken a look at some of the ingredients McDonald’s products contain.

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Let’s have a look at 10 freaky McDonald’s ingredients that should flip your appetite off the stuff for good.

1. Ammonium Sulfate


Ammonium sulfate is an inorganic salt. Its main purpose? Fertilizer. It’s also added to Monsanto’s Roundup to make it more effective.

Here’s another fun fact for you – ammonium sulfate is also in flame retardant!

Effects of eating ammonium sulfate include hormone disruption.

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