10 Things Grandma Reused That We Throw Away

There are two types of people in this world: those who keep old things in hopes of repurposing them, and those who simply throw things out when they are of no use anymore. Now, though we can see the value in purging every once in a while, we also think it’s important to get the most out of our items!

That’s why we are sharing this list of 10 of our favorite items that can be successfully upcycled. You won’t believe how many purposes an everyday object can have!

Here Are 10 Things That Should Never Be Thrown Away!

10- Beer Bottles

We’re guessing that you end up disposing of all of those used beer bottles after you throw a party, but, after you learn this tip, you may just hang on to them! You see, these recyclables can easily be repurposed into some super chic (and unique!) drinking glasses. We think these would definitely make a great gift for the beer lover in your life!

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9- Orange Peels

Like newspapers, orange peels have many, many alternate uses. They can be used to help deodorize a musty closet, as all-natural mosquito repellant, an eco-friendly sponge, and even as a teeth whitener!

8- Egg Shells

Most of you gardeners out there are already well aware of the merits of these calcium-rich wonders, but we bet you didn’t know that egg shells can be used to help your skin glow, your coffee lose its bitterness, and to get rid of hard-to-reach stains on dish ware.

7- Kitchen Scraps

From watermelon seeds to corn cobs, it may be easy to forget that your granny was likely saving scraps to infuse into future dishes. Our personal favorite unlikely ingredient is potato peels. If you season these guys just right and stick them in the oven, you’ll end up with a low-starch healthy alternative to fatty loaded potato skins.

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