10 Ways to Feng Shui in Your Bedroom to Introduce Positive Energy For a Healthy Sleep

You don’t really need to invest in expensive curious to introduce Feng Shui into your home. Feng shui can also mean the simple rearranging of your home and furniture in harmony with natural forces to induce positive vibes in your home. Imbalances cause negative energy. Feng Shui has its essence in the philosophy of the yin and yang so that there is a perfect balance of harmony in the universe. The same could be said of your home.

According to Feng shui, your bedroom is a place of tranquility and you should feel as if it gives you a warm hug each time you walk into it. It is a place where you sleep and rejuvenate yourself. Sleeping should be in an area full of positive chi or good energy. If you do believe in the spiritual and cosmic side of nature and how it could impact your daily life and your home, then follow these guidelines on how to Feng shui your bedroom.

1. Make sure your bed has a solid head board

A bed with a solid headboard provides you with the true protection of positive chi Even if you don’t believe in Feng Shui; you do experience a sense of protection from lying against a bed with a solid padded headboard.

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2. Sleep on a thick supported mattress

Always purchase a new mattress because used ones may not harbor good energy. A supportive mattress will fill you with positive energy. Sleeping on the correct sort of mattress is also good for your back.

3. Do not place more than one mirror in your bedroom

The concept of Feng shui discourages the use of mirrors in your bedroom. At the most, you should have one mirror only. It should also never be placed at any location where your body is visible in the mirror because this will reflect and increase energy which may disturb your sleep.

4. Your bed should be placed at a proper height

Positive energy should flow all around you when you sleep and should never be hindered, thus to enable its balanced flow beneath the bed, there should be a proper height between the bed and ground. Nowadays several bed designs come with storage drawers but are considered bad Feng Shui it doesn’t allow the circulation of energy around you.

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