10 Worst Radiation-Emitting Cell Phones You Need To Throw Out Immediately

The mobile phones have become an essential device in our life. Nowadays almost everyone, even small children, has a mobile phone. We even became obsessed with its use. We can’t imagine ourselves leaving somewhere without the mobile phone or with a low battery.

It is the first thing we check when going somewhere because we are accustomed to having it in our hands. However, the constant usage of these devices causes us a cancer radiation.

Cell Phones Emit Electromagnetic Radiation, Including:

  1. Ionizing radiation – this is a high frequency and energy radiation (cosmic and x-rays)
  2. Non-ionizing radiation – this is low frequency and energy radiation ( power and radio frequency).
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The second type, a non-ionizing radiation is emitted from the cell phone’s antenna. It occurs during WiFi connections and wireless calls because the body tissues take in the energy.

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