12 Essential Grilling Tips

When it comes to summer eats, it doesn’t get much better than food that’s fresh off the grill. Whether you’ve got a decked out barbecue or a little portable number, we’ve got 12 tips – based off of some of the most common grilling mistakes we hear about – that will help make sure you’ve got a delicious season of barbecue in front of you, unimpeded by those little things that can trip us up along the way.

12. Start With A Clean Grill

Anytime you don’t start with a clean grill, your delicious food takes on some of the gross, burnt bits that are stuck to the grates. Yuck.

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11. Don’t Use A Wire Grill Brush

Wire grill brushes do clean your grates well, but there’s a chance that those metal bristles can break off on the grill and make their way into the food you place on the grates. Nobody wants to take a bite of grilled chicken and get a wire through the cheek instead….

10. Check Your Propane Before You Start

How many times have you started grilling for a big group, then realized you didn’t have enough propane and needed to run to the store for more? Learn from our mistakes and do a quick check before you get started.

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