12 Essential Grilling Tips

6. Have Different Temperature Zones

Not all foods cook at the same temperatures. Having a low heat zone and a high heat zone means you’ll be better able to control how your food cooks. You’ll thank us for this one later.

5. Make The Vents Work For You

The vents, a.k.a. dampers, on your grill lid are essential for grilling, since they control the strength of your fire. We like to position the vents over whatever it is we’re cooking, that way all the heat coming from the bottom of your grill travels over the food as it cooks, flavoring it, and making its way out of the grill through the top vent.

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4. Always Soak Your Skewers

Unless you want ‘em to go up in flames, soak those bad boys for at least 20 minutes before you grill with them. Nobody wants charred, partially-disintegrated bamboo bits in their shish kebabs.

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