19 Clever Ideas to Keep Your Bathroom Organized and Clutter-Free

Of all the rooms in our home, the one where we want and need the most organization just has to be the bathroom. Think about it. We do so much in there, every task requires various tools, multiple people usually use it, and it’s still the smallest room in the house. We need it to be organized just to stay sane! Luckily, there are all kinds of ideas, tricks and tips to make that organizing easier. Here are 19 of our favorites.

1- Adapted Shower Caddy



The best head-smacking, “why-didn’t-I-think-of-that-before” organizational tricks start with questioning the way “everybody” does it and the way things are “always” done. Case in point: a shower caddy adapted to hang where it’ll actually help you the most. You can also use this simple trick to hang multiple caddies and double your storage space for a large family or visiting guests.

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2- Shower Curtain Pockets














Another trick from organizational maven Alejandra.tv? Pockets on the shower curtain liner! They’re perfect for catching and organization kids’ bath toys or smaller toiletries. You can DIY it by attaching pockets to your liner, or just buy one here. You can also simply hang a shoe organizer in your shower, too.

3- Washcloth Stand


Remember how easy it is to make a stand out of plates and candlesticks from the Dollar Store? Use that same idea to create a stand for washcloths that keeps them in easy reach while also adding a spa-like feeling to your bathroom.

4- Mounted Magnetic Toothbrush Strip



One of the most weirdly-difficult-to-organize items in our bathrooms? The toothbrush! Save counter space by making and mounting a magnetic storage strip for regular brushes . . .

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