20 Clothing Tags That Are As Hilarious As They Are Informative

Most of us go through our entire lives without paying any attention to those pesky tags on the inside of our clothing. Unless a renegade tag is poking out of your shirt collar, there’s really no reason to think about it.

…Or is there? Some manufacturers have been getting awfully creative with their labeling lately, and these awesome tags are proof.

The vast majority of these are intentionally funny while some are condescending. Still, others are just downright weird. Yet each of them will certainly make you laugh!

1. “I always suspected they may be doing that.” It’s interesting to think about the reaction that one gets from this tag. Animal testing horrifies a lot of people, but the image of animals wearing clothes is always adorable!


2. That seems like sound advice. Is a tag on a piece of clothing an appropriate place to be told not to slap pandas? Probably not, but in case you don’t know, here’s a friendly reminder!


3. Many people can probably relate to this. What are we supposed to make of those strange symbols anyway? Does anyone actually know what they mean? If one thing’s for sure, it’s that Mom always knows best. (You should probably call her anyway…)


4. It’s always good to know your options. If you’re looking to ruin your clothes for some reason (maybe they were given to you by an ex?), you really ought to know the most efficient way to do it. Thankfully, this company has you covered.

Keisuke! Rock! Rock!

5. Nudge nudge to all the lazy boyfriends, sons, and husbands out there! This tag is fighting preconceived notions of gender roles one clever item of clothing at a time. So you’d better get to work, fellas!

Christina Csoric

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