16 Kitchen Hacks For Every Family

Entering my kitchen has become something of a nightmare. From the cluttered pantry to nicking my finger when peeling vegetables, I struggle in the kitchen. The list below helped me navigate around my nightmare, save my fingers, and even create some simple, tasty treats.

Enjoy and let us know what some of your favorite kitchen hacks are.

1. Peeling done easy

The awkward shape of ginger makes it harder to peel with a knife. Try using a spoon instead! #saveyourfingers


2. Saving those avocados

Say no to brown avocados. The next time you have leftover avocado, try pairing it with an onion. It will slow down the browning process.


3. Slowing down that banana from ripening

Keeping those bananas from getting overripe has been a personal mission of mine for as long as I can remember! There is a simple solution: separate them to slow down the ripening process.


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