5-Bean Salad

The best bean salad I have made. I halved the oil, vinegar and sugar. Thank goodness I read the post. This amount suited the recipe just fine. Thanks

Dish up a healthy serving of this five-bean salad for a twist on traditional boring side dishes. Five different beans give this salad a look that is as colorful as it is nutritious. Packed full of minerals and fiber, this cholesterol-lowering salad is sure to become a family favorite.

I followed this recipe almost exactly (something new for me) and it was … wow … incredible. I served it at a party, and got rave reviews — two people even asked for the recipe! Based on the feedback of others, I started out with only 1 tbl of sugar, then added more to taste. The end result was probably close to 2 tbl. I also added a bit of lemon and lime zest to the dressing. Warning: I think this recipe ends up closer to 10 servings. I had to make it in my huge wooden salad bowl, because even my largest mixing bowl wasn’t adequate. By the way, this is even better after a few days, when the flavors have time to fully meld. I usually make this at least two days ahead of time.

Very colorful, pretty salad! I used a 15-oz. can of corn (drained) instead of frozen (time saver). I decreased the olive oil and red wine vinegar to 1/4 cup each. I would also suggest decreasing the salt to 3/4 Tbl and decreasing the pepper a bit. The second time I made this, I decreased the olive oil and vinegar to 1/8 each – would do that again (just make sure to decrease all the spices some as well). Thanks for the recipe!

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Carry this salad out to your next picnic, or save it for a weeknight meal. Fix it ahead of time, or mix it together at the last minute using canned beans that are easy to prepare. Add a little hot sauce or other flavoring of choice, and make it a weekly family request.

I made this for a Mexican Pot Luck at my husband’s office. Even though 40 people brought dishes, this was one of the few that was entirely devoured! This is a wonderful, tasty, and colorful salad. Very attractive served in a trifle bowl, or any clear glass bowl. I wouldn’t change a thing.

So delicious. I have made this salad over and over again with awesome results each time. I usually cut the sugar in half. I like to add powdered garlic, and extra cilantro. I use Great White Northern beans instead of Cannelini. Red onions add a pretty color. We make this all the time! I am confused by the raters that say there is too much dressing… I think the amount is right on. Although I do use a can of corn instead of frozen… maybe the extra liquid comes from the frozen corn. Sometimes I add a can of chopped tomatoes. You can add any veggies you like, the salad doesn’t care. I would give this more stars if I could.


1 (8.75 oz.) can corn
1 (15 oz.) can kidney beans
1 (15 oz.) can garbanzo beans
1 (15 oz.) can pinto beans
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