5 Signs You Are Eating too Much Sugar – What to do about it

You don’t have to eat an entire cake in order to max out the recommended daily sugar intake.

In fact, many foods that aren’t desserts are still crammed full of the added sweetener. While we all know how important it is to limit our sugar intake, excess sugar consumption is more common than you may think In fact, according to an article from Prevention, Americans eat on average 22 teaspoons per day of sugar!

While eating too much, sugar seems to be “normal”; it can definitely have severe impacts on your health. Let’s take a look at the effects of too much sugar on your body. You may be surprised to learn the ways that sugar impacts your body. Here are 5 signs you are consuming too much:
1. Constant Food Cravings 
An article from Prevention indicates that the more you eat sugar, the more sugar your body craves. It creates a vicious cycle where you body actually builds up a tolerance and it starts to think that it needs more sugar to function. It is often compared to the same thing that an addict may experience once they start abusing drugs.

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