6 Beanie Babies That Will Fetch You A Fortune

If you were a 90’s baby, you probably had a few beanie babies lying around the house. If you were a collector, you probably had more than a few! The classic toys became a huge hit after they were launched in 1993. The more rare the Beanie Baby, the more you wanted it to add to your collection!

If you spent quite a bit of money years ago on Beanie Babies, your investment might pay off in a big way. Their worth has gone up considerably over the years. So much so, that a Beanie Baby in your collection could be worth thousands!

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If you have these Beanie Babies, you could get rich, quick:

1. Peace Bear Beanie

Peace Bear Beanie is decorated head to toe in rainbow colors, with a peace sign stitched to its chest. The tags and origin countries provide different variations, but the doll could sell for as high as $30,000.

2. Claude The Crab Beanie

Claude the Crab is a tie-dyed crab that was released in 1997. This beanie has been selling online for up to $10,000, and that’s for a crab in less-than-mint condition!

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