6 Reasons Doctors Are Now Warning People To Never Wear Flip Flops Again

Summer is officially in full swing and now that the weather is all hot and humid people everywhere are taking it easy and going into vacation mode. For most of us that means kicking off our shoes and going barefoot, but when we do have to go somewhere we usually just stick our feet in a pair of sandals or flip-flops.

Who doesn’t own at least one pair of flip-flops? Not only are they the most convenient and classic summer footwear option, they also help to keep feet cool and comfortable. However, that’s about all that they’re good for! Flip-flops are actually terrible for our feet and the rest of our bodily health and wellness. Once you read on about why this is so, and just how bad they truly are, you’ll definitely think twice before you spend hours on end in your flippies this summer.

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Here’s why podiatrists and doctors agree that the rubber-soled footwear should only be worn poolside, at the beach, or in gym showers:

1) Injuries- Every year flip-flops are responsible for countless foot injuries that range from minor to severe because they offer the feet practically zero support. A lack of arch and heel support, combined with the fact that they make us walk awkwardly to begin with, are what leads to pain and strain on our feet. The most common injuries that people seek treatment for are things like tendinitis, stress fractures, and heel, arch, or muscle pains. Other problems you can expect to experience from wearing them include cuts and scrapes, jammed toes, rolled ankles, infections, sunburn, bunions, blisters, knee pain, hip pain, back pain, hammertoe, pinched nerves, and the list goes on.

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