7-UP Biscuits Recipe Makes Your Mouth Water Like A Fizzy Soda Pop!

It ain’t a southern meal if you don’t have biscuits on the table.
I’m a northern gal but even I know that if you’re sitting down to a traditional meal in the south you will see a basket of biscuits on the table. It’s almost unheard of that a meal would be missing these delicious little mounds of bready goodness.
Did you all know that 7-UP can be used in your baking adventures? Instead of having a glass by your side to drink try adding this bubbly soda to your biscuit mix! Sounds weird, right? well. wait until you try it, sister. The biscuit recipe on the next page is one of the best I’ve ever had. The biscuits come out fluffy and flavorful!
The original writer of the recipe, Angie, said she was almost embarrassed to share this recipe on her blog because of the sheer silliness of baking with 7-UP, however, she tells us that we won’t be sorry once we take our first bite ?

When it comes to accidents in the kitchen I am the poster child. No, I don’t me slicing off a finger or scorching myself with boiling water. I mean making food with the wrong ingredients by mistake. Sometimes, these mistakes turn into tasty treats, which I’m sure is the case with these 7-UP biscuits. I mean, come on, I don’t think some lady was sitting around one day and decided to intentionally pour soda pop into her baking mix….or did she?
Check out what my pals over at Angie’s Southern Kitchen had to say about this delicious recipe:
These are so easy and so stinking yummy!! We use to have them at church dinners back when I was a kid remember these ole things heee heee I do! Well, see I bought so much 7-Up to make pound cakes and those coconut cakes. I had it around and thought oh what the heck sounds good and easy lets try them once again. I thought it will be a good way to use up all this 7-Up so I made them and oh dear me they are as good as I remembered really good ~ no kidding and they are the easiest things in the world to make! REALLY!
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