A Dessert Meant To Impress: Tollhouse Pie

When it comes to pie this Tollhouse version is my absolute favorite.

So, the other day, a good friend of mine said that she would host our monthly ladies meeting at her house. I had completely forgotten that the day fell on Martin Luther King Jr. Day and all of the local restaurants were closed. At the last minute, my friend volunteered to have us all over for dinner. How sweet is she? Anyway, for dessert, she prepared a Tollhouse pie for us. Oh my goodness, this pie tasted so yummy!

I asked my friend where she got the recipe from and she said she found it over on the Bless Us O lord food blog. I hightailed it over there and got to baking for myself!

Is your mouth watering in anticipation? I bet you want this heavenly recipe, don’t you? Well, my friend, simply click on the next page link below and you’ll find yourself staring right at the ingredients and instructions in no time flat. Enjoy!


I can barely handle the goodness of this pie!

Take a look at what my friend Barbara from the Bless Us O lord food blog had to say about this magnificent recipe:

This pie is a favorite among the chocolate lovers in my house (everyone!). It’s a breeze to put together, you want to eat it warm, and so you can make it, bake it, and eat it within just a few hours. We love it served with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream, and whenever I have served it to company, it’s always been a hit! I make mine without nuts because of allergies, but I think it would be fabulous with.

My family LOVES vanilla bean ice cream so that is what we scooped on top of our slices of Tollhouse pie. It was amazing!
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