Americanized Goulash: A Pot Full Of Beefy, Noodly, Tomatoey Goodness

It doesn’t matter if you’re all grown up and are now leaving independently and far away from home.

There will always come a time that you would want to visit your parents’ house, curl in your old bed, and just feel the shield of comfort that only your childhood home can provide. I remember this movie about a girl waking up in a woman’s body and she couldn’t remember what had happened in the past few years. She was so lost. But all she ever had to do to find her way back was to visit her parents’ house and get to know her childhood friend again; both of which reminded her of home so much.

Whenever I am hit with such a bout of nostalgia, I call my parents and ask if I can visit. Sometimes I go with the boyfriend, but most of the time I go alone. Mom and Dad would welcome me with open arms. Dad would tell his lame-ass jokes which would always get to me. And Mom would always cook my favorite dishes for me, or new dishes that she tried making, but no was there to comment on it because I was her official taste tester. In my recent visit, Mom cooked goulash for me. It tasted just how grandma used to make it for us. I asked her why it was the dish for the day. She told me that whenever I go visit, she would remember her own Mom and wondered if she ever felt the same nostalgic happiness whenever her children visited. Before I end this with tears, you have to go check out this recipe that will probably remind you of such a precious memory.

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