Bask In The Glorious Aroma Of Orange-Scented Sweet Potato Cake

Orange zest and sweet potatoes go together like ice cream and cake.
Who would have ever thought that orange and sweet potatoes would be so good together? The thought never even crossed my mind to pair up these two ingredients until I came across the recipe on the Bless Us O Lord blog. And to think, they are in a cake?! Wow! I was stunned and a little leery to make this cake but I am so glad that I did! Talk about a real bakery winner.
Another thing that I must take note of is the smell this cake permeates while it is baking. Wow! You’ll just have to make this cake for yourself to see what I’m talking about. It. is. Uh-Mazing.
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Photo and recipe courtesy of Bless Us O Lord.

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