Best Foods for Detoxing in the New Year

Almonds for Liver

The liver is one of the most crucial organs when it comes to living as it is this vital organ that is responsible for flushing out harmful toxins – which makes it a great candidate to begin your cleansing with. For the liver to (repair itself and) function at its full potential, it must get sufficient amounts of 1) protein – because protein is a quintessential component required for you to re-build damaged tissues and maintain immunity, 2) antioxidants – because they help eliminate free radicals harmful to the liver, and 3) healthy unsaturated fats – because they help reduce bad cholesterol in your body and aid in preventing harmful fatty deposits on your liver.

Conveniently, nuts are a great source that meets each of these requirements – plus the array of vitamins and minerals and fiber that come along are also fantastic. We suggest almonds because other nuts like Walnuts and Brazil Nuts are much higher in calories and in cholesterol (yes, good cholesterol but you still do not want to consume more than your body needs); their serving size is much lower compared to almonds and eating them more than the serving is quite easy.

Avocados for Digestive System

Avocados have become quite a trendy fruit in recent years – titled “superfood” by many dietitians –yet many are still unaware of its benefits. Avocado has shown to be a great natural way of reducing bad cholesterol (LDL) and is known to benefit brain’s functioning also; but the wonders it does on your stomach are even better. First, avocados are fairly high in fiber – anywhere from 9-17 grams depending on the size and origin. Next, it acts as an anti-inflammatory in your stomach and intestines allowing you to absorb significantly more nutrients from your meals. Lastly, eating it with meals can help reduce the spikes in your blood sugar; which will prevent you from enduring type-2 diabetes.

White Tea for Blocking Belly Fat and Weight Gain

Of all different teas in the market, white tea may be the one you haven’t tried yet. White tea, compared to other teas like black, green, and oolong, etc., is the least processed (and maintains more nutrition) and its the most aromatic of all. Like all teas, white tea has all the benefits like antiviral, antibacterial, anti-cancerous, and fat burning properties. But, what makes it better is that it’s significantly higher in nutrition and comes with a unique taste that you can enjoy without the addition of sugar and/or milk. Plus, it has much lower amounts of caffeine so you can have some towards the second half of the day.

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