BEST Pot Roast Recipe – Super Tender Beef Roast

This may be a basic pot roast recipe but trust me, there is nothing “basic” about it! When it comes to pot roasts I am always open to suggestions on how I can prepare them. My family loves eating them, especially for Sunday supper.

My mother would make pot roasts for us to enjoy after church all of the time and we always looked forward to it.
I found this yummy pot roast over on the I Heart Recipes YouTube channel. It is a simple recipe that renders a tender and juicy hunk of meat that you and your family will LOVE. I served this pot roast with mashed potatoes, gravy, cooked carrots, and dinner rolls. I don’t think anyone left any morsels on their plates. In fact, I don’t think we had any leftovers at all!

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4 lbs beef bottom roast
1/4 cup Gold Medal all-purpose flour PLUS 2 tbsp
1 tsp Morton salt
1/2 tsp ground black pepper
2 tsp McCormick garlic powder
1 tsp crush basil
1 tsp rosemary leaves
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