“Blow Your Mind” Biscuits And Gravy – It’s Kind Of A Big Deal.

Every time my family travels, we try to make a stop at one cool restaurant: Cracker Barrel. That is a restaurant that is known for being on the side of the road and serving up a good home cooked meal for anyone who may be in need of one. It is easy to find one and wonderful to stay at for the afternoon.
As a kid, I always loved going through the little store while we waited for a table and afterwards to buy a piece of peppermint candy before we hit the road again. I also loved playing that little game that is at every table. I never knew how to play quite well, but I still loved the experience.
Every time we go here, my family tries to look for meals that are unlike the types you can get at home. We live in Miami, a diverse food scene to say the least. There are so many different food options, but not many traditional American so we really look to find that kind of food when we are on the road.
Cracker Barrel satisfies that craving every single time with their Biscuits and Gravy plate. Add some fried chicken and you’ve got a meal unlike any other!

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This plate of food is so wonderfully comforting and delicious. It has traditional American flavors, and the gravy is not just regular turkey gravy like you get at Thanksgiving. It is mixed with cream and other flavors to make a thick and hearty dipping sauce you’ll love!
Check out what our friends over at B-Inspired Mama had to say about this dish,
“Just put it in the crockpot as soon as you wake up. You’ll only need to attend to it once for less than a minute before it’s ready to fill up those hungry bellies. Plus, this large crockpot full of casserole was less than $10 to make, with the majority of a half-gallon of milk and cheese leftover. Score!”
That is definitely my type of meal! Cheap, easy and totally filling! Yum yum!

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