Bonnie’s Fried Cabbage

I really like cabbage cooked like this. I don’t think the butter is needed there is plenty of turkey bacon drippings to do the job. One note if you are not adding any water be careful to not burn the cabbage and onions. Even just a bit of water to start out helps prevent burning until the cabbage starts releasing it’s juices.

My daughter told me I was batting 1000, when I served this last night! Until now, I’ve never enjoyed cabbage except in the form of cole slaw or sour kraut – but I loved it too! I veer toward cooking ethnic dishes – MiddleEastern, Chinese, Ethiopian, French & German cuisines,

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I made this and added a nice chili Balsamic vinegar from salado oil and vinegar company. Best cabbage ever. I made this tonight, I added 3 more pieces of turkey bacon and a little more onions and it was excellent .


5 slices turkey bacon
2 tablespoons butter

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