Bow Tie Pasta Salad – A Recipe Everyone Should Know By Heart!

You know what I can’t live without? A good salad that goes with any and all BBQ entree! It doesn’t really matter what kind of a salad it is, as long as it’s the tastiest one of its kind.

For a long time my favorite used to be a mayonnaise-based macaroni salad that was always served at our family reunions. It was my cousin’s recipe and she must have copied it dozens of times, to give to everyone in the family. I still do love that salad, but now that I’m getting a little older it seems that all those mayo-calories are going straight to my thighs…

So I decided it was time to find a new favorite that would be a little leaner. I had my doubts about the flavor, though. You know how it is; sometimes the light, lean and low-calorie options aren’t exactly very tasty.

But this salad is totally scrumptious! No mayonnaise or other fatty ingredients – and you could make this even healthier by using whole-grain pasta. If you choose gluten-free pasta, you can serve this to friends and family with gluten intolerance.

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I like using different kinds of pasta noodles for this salad. Sometimes I even combine two kinds, just to make it interesting!

My kids always ask me to use tri-colore pasta and I have to admit it makes the salad look really colorful and inviting! You can adjust the amount of ingredients to your taste – for example, if you’re afraid 3/4 cup cider vinegar is too much for you, start with a smaller amount and add more after tasting. I think this recipe is perfect as it is, although sometimes I add a little diced jalapenos to make my husband happy!

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