Break Dance At The Breakfast Table With This Sausage Bread

Now, This Is What I Call Breakfast!

I can still remember the very first time that I had a breakfast sausage bread, and that’s when I made it myself! I found this and couldn’t believe my eyes.

It looked so very tasty, I simply had to make it. I could hardly wait for it to come out of the oven. It smelled amazing. The first time that I made it, it was Christmas morning several years ago, and I used it as a way to wake everyone up early and in a good mood. There’s a surefire way to ruin a good day and that’s with hungry people.

My kids, husband, and I all get a little bit on edge when we have eaten, and that’s how I can usually tell if I’ve fallen behind schedule on lunch or dinner. I know when I am making this, I am going to be the first one up though and everyone is going to get a nice meal as soon as they come down the stairs.

You can do a lot of different things with this bread to make it your own. I have done it with bacon and ham before instead of the sausage. You can also mix all three meats together for a super hearty bread.

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Whenever my kids have friends over to spend the night, I like to make this for them for breakfast in the morning. It makes a nice big serving so there is always plenty to go around. I don’t think that we have come across a child yet that doesn’t like this tasty food item. If I know it’s going to be just kids eating it, I will usually leave out the hot sausage and just stick with the mild version. I will leave out the onion and mushroom too if I know that there are picky eaters sitting at the table.

This will take you back to when times were simple.

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