Catch A Husband Cake – Easy Recipes

The recipe to this story is the Husband Catcher Cake. In honor of this theme, I’d like to share two short stories of Happy Endings.

Mom had been dating a young man, Peter, when she was in her early twenties. He was a nice guy whose parents were friends of Mom’s parents. As swell as Peter was, there weren’t any “sparks”, and this was a blessing for 4 important people in our lives.

One day, Peter’s mom, Tess, took my mother aside and said, “Eugenia, Peter is a fine young man and I love him, but he’s not the one for you. Wait until you meet my other son, Paul, he’s the one.” My mom smiled and nodded politely.
Shortly after, there was a party in which my mom attended. She sat in a corner drinking punch with Peter at her side when suddenly a handsome man wearing “Dress Whites”, a US Navy uniform, made an entrance. Mom felt as if no one but the sailor and she were in room, her heart quickened and her pulse drummed in her ears.
“Paul!” Peter exclaimed rushing to the soldier’s side and pulling him toward Mom. Introductions were made, and it was love at first touch for both of them.

The only dilemma… Mom didn’t want to “drop” Peter and hurt his feelings, even though there wasn’t a real commitment between them. The solution? Nina, mom’s first cousin, was pretty, fun and available. Mom just knew that Nina and Peter would be a good match. And it was…they hit it off from the start. The two couples were inseparable and walked down the aisle not long afterwards.

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I once asked Dad what attracted him to Mom…with a twinkle in his eyes, he said, ” she had a shapely derriere and boy-oh-boy could she cook!” Spoken like a true…um…sailor. I think if Mom had to resort to “dolci” she’d have baked, The Husband Catcher Cake, and snagged him in a blink!

The second story is short and sweet and true, and it was the lucky lady in the story who gave me the Husband Catcher recipe.
Chris was crazy for Tommy, but he paid little attention to her. He was quite popular. She was determined to win his heart and brought this chocolate-to-die-for cake to a party they were both attending. Near the end of the evening, she cut a slice and sweetly offered it to him. He took her home that night and they’ve been married for over 30 years, happily I might add.  The End.