Italian food isn’t just about pasta: check out these unusual dishes straight from the heart of milan

This Is a Very Different Side to Italian Cooking!

We’re longtime fans of Italian food, and we’ve always appreciated the rich, hearty flavors of this unique cuisine and the care taken when preparing Italian food. When it’s a special occasion and we want to celebrate, or we just want to gather everyone around and encourage them to really savor their food, we always make Italian.

However, despite how passionate we are about Italian food, we recently discovered that there are several traditional dishes we’d never even heard of.

Well, the Italian many of us are familiar with here in the States is only part of the story of Italian cooking, which has a long and fascinating history just like the country it hails from. In fact, anyone lucky enough to visit Italy will likely find very different dishes in the quaint eateries than we do here at the popular Italian chain restaurants. We can’t wait to book our next vacation to Italy so we can try more of these authentic flavors for ourselves!

If you think you have heard of all the Italian dishes there is, you are wrong because what we found on this list sounds absolutely exquisite. We couldn’t believe that these dishes were even served. We can hardly wait to try them out for ourselves.

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