Cheesy Spinach Dip Makes The BEST Snack!

One of my favorite appetizers to order when we go to Chili’s or Applebees is the spinach artichoke dip.
Now, I know that sounds healthy and I used to stay away from it because it contained so much green stuff, but now that I know how to make it and see the ingredients, I can tell you my friends, it is a FAR cry from healthy. It is loaded in butter and cheese and has lots of cream and to top it off is served with tortilla chips. The little bit of health from the spinach is quickly overlooked when you see all the deliciousness beside it.
I think that is exactly why I enjoy it. This seems healthy, but it’s totally not. And everyone knows I stay away from overly healthy food. I’ll eat a salad here and there but no way do I live solely on healthy food. I prefer to eat deliciousness like this and truly enjoy it.
This recipe is easily made in a slow cooker and then you can serve it with tortilla chips or any other side you’d like. I’ve even seen sliced green apples as a side and it adds a perfect touch of tangy sweetness. Give it a try!

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This appetizer is perfectly gooey to be served with chips or bread. It has the perfect texture to be enjoyed at any occasion. I love serving this yummy spinach dip with chips or crackers. My husband told me that this is one of the best spinach dips he’s ever eaten. Talk about a lovely compliment! I guess I’ll change nothing about this recipe and continue making it.
This girl knows what’s up. A spinach dip at a restaurant does not serve 5. You gotta make a big batch at home to feed that many people!

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