Cherry Angel Food Cake Fluff – It’s HEAVENLY!

You’ll Be All Smiles When You’re Finished Eating This.

Hello, everyone! I can’t tell you enough how much I love this yummy dessert. first of all, angel food cake is the cat’s meow! It’s light, fluffy, and feels like an airy cloud puff on your tongue. Toss in some cherry pie filling to the mix and you have a little piece of heaven on earth just waiting for you to devour. My kids and husband really enjoyed this recipe and asked me to make it again! I guess you can call this recipe a “keeper”.

I actually came across this recipe in one of my grandmother’s old cookbooks. She had made some notes about it and how she personalized the dish a bit.

Grandma said you can use any pie filling that you want if you don’t fancy cherries. Fun!

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You guys, this dessert is so easy to make! All you do is rip up an angel food cake and toss it into a bowl with the other ingredients! I mean, sure you could make your own angel food cake but if you don’t have time for knocking around in the kitchen this recipe will certainly be a Godsend. I made this once for the elderly couple who lives across the street from me and they loved it! It made me happy to see them so very happy.

Anyway, if you are looking for a sweet treat and don’t want to put in a whole lot of effort this is the dessert for you!
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