As you all know I need dinner to be on the table and ready as fast as possible after work. You seriously would think my kids hadn’t eaten for DAYS when we get home. I often have to give them a snack before dinner! I also fondly call it the “witching” hour. They are little devils until they are fed again. Full bellies equal happy kids! Same goes with husbands…

This meal does take a little bit of time to get on the table so I’m going to share my secret with you. Ready, ready? It’s really not that brilliant. I need a disclaimer here. Just make it the night before, get home and pop it in the oven or even a few days beforehand! This is also the perfect meal to send to someone who just had a baby, is down on their luck or just needs some love from you!

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Can I be that person?

To go with this fabulous dinner I whipped up a side of Olive Garden Breadsticks to serve with it. A nice accompaniment to finish off this meal would be a simple tossed salad.

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