Chicken And Artichoke Casserole Will Have You Licking Your Lips!

What I love most during family reunions is waking up the next morning to a delicious homemade breakfast cooked by one of my aunts. I am used to Mom’s breakfasts, and I often get to eat it whenever I visit her and Dad. So it’s always a pleasure to be able to taste one of my aunts’ meals. During one of our reunions, I was able to taste Aunt Marge’s artichoke and chicken bake. The night before, we were a bit restless because we were so excited about the next day’s reunion and all of its festivities and fun.

So the next morning, we were all a tad tired. None of us were even smiling as we woke up. We mostly greeted the people with grunts. It was worse for my cousins who were already parents.

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They needed to at least try and be happy when they greeted their children. However, after tasting the breakfast Aunt Marge prepared for all of us, smiles started appearing until all of us were wearing a full blown perma-grin on our mugs.

Yes! It’what truly good food can do to you! And yes, we tend to eat dinner casseroles for breakfast at these events. why? We like to be rebellious haha!

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