Chocolate Coconut Cream Cake

Really great combination of flavors! Everyone raved about the taste! I did use a dark chocolate fudge cake mix as a short cut. I had way too much filling for just the middle of the cake so I cut a shallow cone out of the top of the cake and placed the rest of the filling in the cone. I topped it with the cake piece I cut out.

The filling runs considerably even after refrigerating it. My cake circle and the bottom layer of the cake were covered in the filling. Thankfully, the ganache does cover the filling that runs. I placed toasted coconut on the sides to hide imperfections from the filling flood.

I don’t get the “filling” consistency… It’s like something is missing from the process, as it just runs off. I think if I make this again, I will make a German chocolate frosting for the filling instead.

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The recipe is awesome! The cake is very moist and the ganache on top is a perfect finish to a super tasty cake. I ended up with more coconut-condensed milk sauce but it was great to save in the fridge and pour over the cake after it’s been served. Yummy yummy dish!


3/4 cup unsalted butter, softened
1 1/2 cups white sugar.

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