We Can’t Get Enough of This Light, Refreshing Dessert

We haven’t had orange sherbet since we were kids, and in fact, we kind of think of it as a kids’ treat. We grew up eating it on hot summer days or having it as a special indulgence when we went to our favorite ice cream shop at the mall. As we grew up, our culinary tastes did as well, and we found ourselves drawn to darker, richer and more sophisticated and complex desserts. However, we recently came across this recipe for the classic orange sherbet we grew up having as kids, and now we’re thinking it’s time to revisit this favorite childhood treat!

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Sherbet isn’t quite like ice cream, although many people think it is. Instead, it’s somewhere between sorbet and ice cream and depends on the fruit used for the flavor and sweetness. We recommend fresh-squeezed orange juice for this sherbet instead of frozen concentrate because the concentrated version contains way more sugar than you need. This recipe also uses buttermilk, which you might find surprising, but that really enhances the orange flavor and gives the sherbet a nice creamy texture.

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