The Complete Guide to Making Frybread

Taste a Piece of History With This Authentic Frybread

Where we live, frybread is practically an institution and is also a staple at the annual state fair. This delicious snack has a long and rich history, hailing from the Native American community. Even though it’s fried, it’s surprisingly light, while still having the signature rich flavor that we all associate with fried food. Plus, we just love how it tastes amazing all on its own and you don’t even need to put anything on it to dress it up. However, it’s also the perfect foundation for pretty much anything you can think of. (We really like dipping it in some queso; yum!)

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While frybread is now something the Native American community is known for and that they take pride in, it started out as a way for them to sustain themselves during their forced migration over a century ago. They weren’t able to grow their own food anymore, but the government did provide them with some processed staples, and somehow they turned those basics into the amazing frybread so many of us know and love today.

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