Cookies and Creme Cake That Will Be a Winner at any Party

The cookies and cream flavor is one that has been a favorite of children (and adults) worldwide since the late 1970s or 80’s depending on who you ask.

According to reports Malcolm Stogo, an ice cream consultant, claims to have created the flavor in 1976 while a taste tester for Edy’s Icecream, John Harrison, claims he invented the flavor in 1982! Also, another fun fact for you according to research it’s originally known as “cookies and creme” not “cookies and cream”…moving on…No matter who gets the final “It was mine” trophy we are extremely grateful it is now in existence.

The flavor has become so popular that it has found its way into everything from sodas to cereals and now we are making what can only be described as heaven on a sheet pan! That’s right, a cookies and cream sheet cake!! While you may want to wait for a special occasion to try this recipe you should note that every day is a good day for cake!

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The frosting is made with butter, heavy cream, sugar and vanilla, and the crunchy crushed Oreo on cookies on top perfectly balance out the smooth and rich flavor and texture of the cake.  The best part is that everyone, of all ages, loves this cake making it ideal for pleasing a diverse crowd.

To learn how to make this indulgent cookies and cream sheet cake at home, please keep reading on Next Page (>) for the full list of ingredients and complete cooking instructions.