Most of us may not cook because we don’t have the time or the energy to cook a meal every single night. Or maybe we just don’t know how to add the proper amount of herbs and spices to a dish to make it taste good. All of these problems and more can be solved easily by using these simple and truly incredible cooking hacks!

Cooking Hacks Everyone Should Know Include:

1. Put ice cream in a bag before putting it in the freezer

Ice cream can get rock hard in the freezer and it takes ages to thaw out just enough that you can eat it. A simple trick to keep it just the right consistency is to put the container in a plastic zip lock bag.

2. Freeze a banana to use as base for healthy ice cream

When frozen and then mashed up, bananas create a perfect creamy ice cream base that you can be mixed with other fruit and various toppings to create a home-made ice cream.

3. Mix pancake batter in a plastic bag to save time and make less of a mess

A zip lock bag or a pastry bag can be used to mix up pancake batter. Make sure to make a small cut in a corner of the plastic bag if you don’t have a pastry bag.

4. Cut softer foods using dental floss

Things can get messy if you are cutting a particularly large cake and only have a small knife, but even things like cheese and Swiss rolls can be difficult to cut precisely. You can use dental floss to make quick and precise cuts.

5. Cook up enough food for several days on Sunday and store it in the fridge

You can spend a couple of hours on a lazy Sunday and cook up enough frozen veggies, chicken, fish, steak, rice, baked potatoes or whatever else you like to eat, store the food in plastic containers. Mix it up, you will have quick meals ready to go for the next few days.

6. Use protein powder, almond milk, oat flour and frozen fruit for healthy snacks

People often view pancakes as a dirty pleasure, but you can make healthy and diet-friendly pancakes using protein powder, almond milk, oat flower, different fruit and other healthy ingredients.

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