7. Freeze a fresh herb mixture in olive oil to add to meals

You can stock up on herbs, chop them up, put them in ice cube tray, cover them in olive oil and freeze them. Next time you are cooking something, drop a cube in.

8. Dry herbs in the microwave

You can buy a bunch of herbs and dry them out in the microwave. Put them in for 20 second intervals, keep turning them over until they are completely dry.

9. Throw a slice of apple in with baked treats to keep them soft and moist

Baked treats tend to get fairly dry and don’t taste so good after a while. A good way to combat this is to keep them in a plastic container with an apple slice, which will help them preserve moisture.

10. Let you eggs sit in the fridge for a few days if you want them to peel easily

Boiled eggs are sometimes notoriously difficult to peel, but that’s just fresh eggs. Week old eggs are perfectly fine to eat, but they are incredibly easy to peal.

11. Use a spoon to help you peel fresh eggs more quickly

In case you just have to eat some boiled eggs right now and you only have fresh ones, you can add a little salt in the water with them, use a spoon to crack one end slightly and start peeling the shell from the inside.

12. Soak eggs in white vinegar when making poached eggs

To make perfect poached eggs you need to keep the eggs in a consistent shape when boiling them in water. A simple, trick to ensure that the egg whites keep a consistent shape is to soak the eggs in white vinegar for several minutes.

Wow These Hacks Are Amazing!

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Now that you know these simple cooking hacks it just might make you want to cook all the time. Have you tried any of these yet?

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