Cool Whip Cookies

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I have been making this recipe for years…Tips chill the dough about an hour – it’s easier to handle. Add 1/2 C flour. Let them bake 8-12 minutes, checking at 8,10&12 minutes – the bottoms should be golden brown. Pull the cookie sheets out and let the cookies rest on the sheets for a few minutes. Do not keep in the oven because you think these are not done – cause they are! They will harden up as they sit on the sheets and cool down. YUMMO!!! I also have tried with sugar free cool-whip – less calores and it’s still just so gooood.

You can use ANY packaged cake mix, and you can even use dry brownie mix. You can also get creative with what kind of sugar mix you use to roll the dough into. My friend made a mix of sugar and splenda and ground it up to mimic the texture of powdered sugar and the cookies were fabulous! For as easy as this is to make, the cookies taste better than I’ve had in a long time, AND they always remain moist!

My grandma would make these all the time when I was little. She would use also use white cake mix with 3 egg whites and then add food coloring to the batter. (ie., red and green for Christmas) She would also make ahead and freeze. (freeze no longer than 2 months. let thaw in fridge for 24 hours) I’m so glad to see this recipe out here! Brings back wonderful memories of baking with grandma so long ago!

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These are sooooo good! I chilled the dough, and then scooped it with one spoon and scraped it into the powdered sugar with a second spoon. They WERE good ~ gone now!

Easy to make and has a great texture. I too had to play around with the baking time a bit. I wound up baking the cookies for 14 minutes and they turned out great. I made this with chocolate cake mix as I was out of lemon. Can’t wait to try it with lemon!


1 box Devil’s Food cake mix
1 8 oz container cool whip, thawed

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