Cool Whip Cookies

These cookies are sure to be a hit at all of your upcoming holiday parties. Who doesn’t love the delicious combination of chocolate, cool whip, and powdered sugar? The best part about these cookies, aside from their rich taste, is that they only take 5 ingredients, and 15 minutes to make. It doesn’t get any easier than this. Just mix, roll, and bake!

These cookies are soft and chewy and full of chocolate flavor, offset by a sweet dusting of powdered sugar. It might seem weird to use cake mix for a cookie, but that’s what gives these that unique chewy bite.

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We just can’t get enough of these cookies around our house. They really are the perfect holiday treat, and the powdered sugar tops always remind us of fresh snow! Go ahead and whip up a batch or two of these cookies today, and see for yourself just how addicting they are.

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