Corned Beef: A Meal Fit For A King

I wish I could give it 10 stars. I was very nervous about making this since it is not the norm. I made this for st. Paddy’s day for a true Irish family(my husbands) and they loved it ( I also did the boiled corn beef just incase). His father (from Ireland) said it was the best corn beef he ever had and he truely enjoyed it. I even loved it and I am not a big fan of corn beef. the brown sugar is just perfect. My husband wants me to cook it this way all the time. Thanks so much for the recipe. Will make again and again and again. I did boil the cabbage and potatoes in a different pot since I didnt have room for them. The carrots I did with the meat and wow. I recommend everyone to try it this way.

Wow! Very good! My first time making corned beef and it’s so easy and tuned out so wonderful! I made it with a 2.5lb flat cut corned beef brisket and used 1 can of Murphys instead of Guinness, cooked in a slow cooker for 6hrs. (Note: Murphys is similar to Guinness but not as bitter and strong as Guinness, it’s the Irish stout that I prefer. If you don’t like Guinnes try this recipe with Murphys!) I rinsed the beef under water (too bloody!), trimmed fat off and coated with 2tbsp of brown sugar then placed it in the slow cooker. Poured the stout into a bowl, then I added the spice pack came with the corned beef PLUS additional spice (peppercorns, allspice, cloves, thyme…etc) to the stout than poured the mixture into the slow cooker. At 2.5 hrs before eating, I put on “High” and added 6 halved red potatoes, 4 chopped carrots and 1 chopped onion. I added the 1 cabbages, cut into wedges, 1 hr before eating. This came out just perfect, the house smelled wonderful while it’s cooking! The beef were so tender, all the vegetables were a bit over cooked so I’ll put them in for shorter time next time or just cook them on low(?). I also made the “amazing Irish soda bread” from this site. Highly recommended!! Please give this a try!

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4 lbs corned beef plus seasoning packet
2 tablespoons brown sugar

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