Crazy Crust Pie

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I used fresh apples seasoned with nutmeg,cinnamon, and all spice. I added 1 cup sugar and 4tbs butter I then microwaved this mixture for approx 5 min. Then I added flour,egg, baking powder and mixed these like listed with about 1/2c sugar. Combined all and mixed up. Added lemon juice last turned out great. Thank you for the inspiration on this recipe.

I love this pie! It tastes like a mix of pancake and cinnamon apple..ness…
This has been my sister’s (she’s 9) favorite pie since I made it! Easy and quick, so worth a try anyway.

Like many others who posted, I changed it only because I find canned apple pie filling too sweet and not as flavorful as making my own. I sliced up 4 apples (3 honeycrisp and 1 gala) into a pan with 1/2 cup of butter, 1/2 cup sugar, 2.5 tsp cinnamon and 1/4 tsp. cloves. After sauteing for about 15 minutes on medium heat, I poured over the crust mixture in the recipe. I took this to my sister’s for Thanksgiving and it was a great hit. Other than boiling over in my oven, I was really happy with it. The original recipe did not specify size of pan so I used a 9″ pyrex pie pan and it did not accomodate the apple/crust mixture. I’ll use a bigger pan next time because I thought the amount of apples was appropriate. Overall, I thought this is a creative way to make an applie pie without having to make a standard pastry crust.

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My lactose intolerant friends loved this! They thought the crust was delicious. Now I am going to try it with other fruit fillings as well.

This recipe was very good. It was a nice change to the same old apple pie. I did do it a little different. I used fresh apples and mixed them with some flour and sugar and then microwaved them for 2 minutes to soften them. I also addes a crumb topping on the top of 1/3c of flour and 1/4c of brown sugar with 2TB of melted butter.

5 stars when it turns out right. Found this recipe yrs ago from Pillsbury but miss placed it. Refound, yaaaa. Seems to only turn out for me every other time but still worth it. I have the recipe for Fresh Apple Filling and says to use 10″ pan or 9″ Deep Dish. Can also be made with Pumpkin. Please give it at least 2 chances, it’s well wort it.


1 C. flour
1/4 C. sugar…
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