Cream Cheese Stuffed Coffee Cake – It’s A Winner Of A Dessert!

I went across the country after graduating college to visit my favorite Uncle. He had moved when I was a senior in high school. We kept in touch through different forms of communication like talking on the phone, writing emails, and sending letters. It was never the same as seeing him in person though. He was the guy that took me hunting and fishing, and the man that taught me how to drive my first car. We always had a blast together, and it was my gift to myself after graduation.

He had met the love of his life and that’s why he left our hometown because he wanted to go and live with her. She wanted to be closer to her family, and the great guy he is, he did what she wanted.

Believe you me, that man made the right choice in a wife. She was an amazing lady and a fantastic cook.

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I had taken my girlfriend with me on the trip, and come to find out, my new aunt and my girlfriend had a lot in common. They had a really good time together as far as what I could tell. When my girlfriend saw how much I liked this cake, she had her write it down so we could bring it back home with us. She made it for me for my birthday that was just a few weeks after we got home as a surprise. I didn’t know that she had copied the recipe, but she did it wonderfully. It’s one of the reasons why I married her!

You’re wrong if you think this is too hard for you to make. Almost anyone can do it!

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