Creamy Corn Chowder: Perfect Cold Weather Grub!

My husband is a lover of corn.

I think I have previously mentioned his almost practically adoration for it.

He just smells corn and knows he is going to love the meal. Want to hear a funny story? Well, we recently discovered a new French café near our home.

It is so delicious with perfectly crispy Croque Monsieur sandwiches and light and fluffy croissants. They are to die for.

The coffees are just perfect and the location looks exactly as it does in France. If you are ever in Miami, reach out, I would love to tell you more about them so you can visit this place!

Well anyways, recently my husband tried their creamed corn crepe.

I thought it was a little weird, but he loved it. Now every time we go to this French café, he orders this. Well, yesterday we stopped in once again and the gentleman at the counter told him they did not serve it anymore.

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When my husband disappointedly asked why, the waiter said only he orders it.

I started cracking up. His obsession with corn has been taken a little too far. We are going to have to find a new place that serves creamed corn crepes it seems.

This slow cooker corn chowder is so much better than those creamed corn crepes, I promise.

It is creamy and rich and the bacon just blends so perfectly. You are going to love this one! This is so awesome! Easy and will turn out so delicious.And the best part? It lasts 3-4 days in the fridge, so one day of cooking gives you half a week of food.
Yes, please!

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