Creamy Mandarin Orange Cheesecake – Sunshine In A Pan!

Tangy and sweet this mandarin orange cheesecake can’t be beat!

This orange cheesecake is amazing! The first time I heard about this, I was a bit skeptical. I never tried making a cheesecake recipe with orange as an ingredient. I have tried lemon cheesecake once. And while my family loves it, it’s not something that I will make everyday. Blueberry cheesecake is our usual cheesecake recipe.

And the sweet taste of the blueberries just compliments the cheesecake well. I have a bit of a problem with oranges.

Unlike lemons, oranges have that tangy sweetness that tastes weird for me sometimes. It’s as if it can’t decide whether it will be sweet or it will be tangy. This orange cheesecake gives the use of oranges, justice. They just taste so well in this cheesecake!

My family adores this orange cheesecake recipe. I can’t blame them for wanting another slice after the first one.

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I made this orange cheesecake once to give as a gift to my friend. I usually visit friends once in a while and bring cakes as gifts. It’s practical and their families will enjoy them. This orange cheesecake is an instant hit! She served this to her family right after I handed it to her because I arrived during their afternoon tea. It was gone in a few minutes! Or at least, a big piece of it!

Even those that are not too fond of oranges will surely love this dessert! That particular friend of mine isn’t too fond of citrusy desserts, but this orange cheesecake recipe is a winner dessert for her.

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