You can’t go wrong with chocolate cake, can you?

It’s decadent and indulgent, and it appeals to a wide range of people. In fact, when we’re hosting a gathering, or we need something to take to a dinner party or potluck, chocolate cake is our first choice because we know it will be a big hit. However, it can sometimes be a bit sweet for some people’s tastes, which is why we like this version that uses olive oil. It gives it a slightly savory edge that makes it extra rich and decadent and gives it a flavor much like dark chocolate. Yum!

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However, the cake isn’t too heavy and is actually still somewhat light. Plus, if you top it with whipped cream, it’s even lighter but also more enticing. This cake is elegant and sophisticated enough to serve when you really want to impress, but it’s also quick and easy enough to make for dessert on any weeknight. Your family will feel really special when you treat them with this cake!

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