Delicious French Apple Cobbler – A Sweet Treat That’s Really NEAT!

Dessert was the perfect blackmail.
Back when we were all kids, we had fought over the simplest things with our siblings or cousins. Us girls, when we fought, I remember them being over hair tie colors or which role we would play in Play House because everyone wanted to be the mother. Whenever these squabbles started, the adults would either reprimand us or “blackmail” us the adult way. This “adult way” usually involves food; particularly sweet food that not one of us could say No to.
We always gathered in our grandparents’ house every other month for an afternoon of talks and food. It’s that time of the month when we got to see our aunts and uncles and cousins. Among us children, there was always a competition as to who as the better doll, who has the better dress, who has the better shoes—and there’s when the silly fights would start. The best way (probably the only effective way) that has always stopped us was, “Snack is ready!”. And we know what “snack” meant—Grandma’s apple cobbler made of the sweetest apples topped by vanilla ice cream. We’d all forget about our squabble and we’d go gobble the apple cobbler holding each other’s hands.

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Photo and recipe courtesy of The Pastry Chef Of Baking.

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