Delicious Swiss Steak: Just Like Mama Used To Make

Everyone I know boasts of his or her family’s version of steak.

Some have the classic version of grilled steak while some have the “saucy version” of steak. My family, in particular, has the saucy version. We use beef, boiling it first for hours so it will be tender. We save the broth and use it as a base for our sauce. Our sauce is made from a secret ingredient that I can’t talk about (it’s something that thickens the sauce), mushrooms, and flour.

We always place it on top of hot white rice or on top of a bowl of linguine. Sometimes when our relatives join us, we add pork to the recipe. So far the taste doesn’t change as much. It just becomes more flavorful because of the combination of two types of meat.

This recipe that I found over at Taste of Home tastes similar to our family’s steak, except instead of using the secret ingredient that we have, it uses Worcestershire sauce. I did try making it through and served it to my friends over pasta and they all loved it! I just sprinkled some parmesan cheese on top because I put cheese in everything. It tastes good!

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I’m a sucker for hearty meals; the ones that you get to share with your family. Family meals mean you get to talk about anything under the sun even while eating. You will not feel uncomfortable because they’re your family, and it’s a normal thing to laugh this hard or talk this loud while eating with them.

This is one heck of a good steak recipe. The sauce just tastes so flavorful that it is a meal by itself already. The beef is so tender you can poke it lightly with your fork and it will run straight through it. I love it best on pasta, but I also think it tastes good with white rice.

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