Depressed mother gets parking ticket. When the judge learns she lost her son, he stuns her

Being a judge is a big responsibility. People come to judges seeking them to settle disputes and restore the balance of society in a variety of ways. In the series Caught In Providence, we get an insider’s view of real municipal cases and sentencings, often overseen by the popular Judge Frank Caprio.

People seem to love Judge Caprio’s wise mind, kind heart, and an unbeatable sense of humor. He loves kids and often chats with them during their parents’ court appearances.

Source: Good News Network

Although Judge Caprio goes out of his way to make the courtroom a positive atmosphere, the following heartbreaking Caught in Providence clip demonstrates that sometimes this isn’t always possible.

In the clip, we are introduced to Andrea, a mother who has had a more horrific year than we can likely ever imagine.

Andrea is in court for a slew of parking tickets, with some dating to more than 10 years ago. Judge Caprio goes easy on her; sentencing her to pay only $50 in fines for these older instances.

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But when they move on to the topic of Andrea’s most recent parking violations, she slowly reveals a story that is heart-wrenching enough to bring even the toughest person to tears.

Andrea begins by explaining the earliest recent ticket. She only manages to say a few words before the tears begin to fall, explaining:

“I went to Social Security because they had cut my check. My son was recently killed last year, so they cut my check because he owed money […] I had to go to Social Security to fix that matter. When I came out, I had a ticket.”

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