Dill Pea and Cucumber Salad – Oh Sweet Basil

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This was very good and different from the usual cucumber or pea salads. I did add salt and hot shot pepper blend. I did not use the milk because I just felt it might make it too watery.

This was a very easy recipe and I enjoyed it a lot. After reading other reviews I found it probably needed a little grated fresh onion…about 1 TBSP. That did the trick for me, it was perfect.

Took past cooks advice – added some shredded onion and dill. Also cut the mayo in half and added sour cream. Even my husband who is not fond of dill nor cucumber LOVED IT

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I followed this recipe exactly, and I thought it was a pretty good salad. I only gave it 4 stars because I think it needs another layer of flavor. There is something missing although I can’t figure out what that is. I will try this again after I decide what it needs.


2 cups fresh peas
1 English cucumber, sliced
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