Divine Dinner: How My Grandma Found The Recipe That Made My Brother Eat Again

Tater tot hotdish is a vintage recipe that never gets boring.

When I was a young girl my family attended services at a Mennonite church. In fact, we still do. Anyway, Mennonites love their Sunday potluck suppers and my church was no exception. You can bet your lucky stars that each potluck supper would be fully equipped with at least one tater tot hotdish casserole. Typically my mother would be one of the cooks behind this yummy dish. Yum! I love tasty memories!
I found a delightful recipe for tater tot hotdish over on the Melady Cooks food blog and knew I just had to replicate it. You’re going to LOVE this tater tot hotdish casserole ?

Are you super stoked to get this wonderful recipe in your possession? Great! I’ll end your waiting by guiding you over to the next page (just click the link below). Once there, you’ll have all the details on how to make this amazing dish. Happy cooking!

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Tater tot hotdish is a classic casserole that was served at my church during potluck suppers for decades.

Take a look at what my friend Audrey from the Melady Cooks food blog had to say about this magnificent recipe:
I served the hotdish with a simple lettuce salad and we were very pleased with our comfort food. Some people drizzle ketchup over it (my brothers did) but it’s great as is. I do prefer to sort of mash it all together with my fork so I get a mouthful that includes all of the ingredients.

I love those serving suggestions, Audrey! I eat ketchup on a lot of things such as scrambled eggs and meatloaf so I’m sure I’ll enjoy it over this tater tot hotdish.
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