Don’t Ignore Mold. Here Are 13 Symptoms of Mold Illness Everyone Needs to Know.


There are many symptoms you could experience that might indicate you’re suffering from mold illness. These are just a few symptoms you should be aware of:

1. Fatigue or Weakness

Are you suddenly feeling constantly tired? Weak, maybe, like your body needs constant rest? While this could be because of a stressful work week or poor sleeping habits, a sudden change in your overall physical state is always a red flag.

This symptom could also mean that the mold is suppressing your immune system, exposing you to various other illnesses that otherwise may not have bothered you at all.

2. Headaches

One of the most well-known symptoms of mold illness is a constant headache that gradually comes out of nowhere.  If you’re not prone to chronic headaches, this is an easy sign to identify.

However, too often people will brush frequent headaches off as not drinking enough water or allergies. Put simply, you ARE having an allergic reaction – but of a more severe kind. The mold in your system is inflaming and irritating your sinuses, causing headaches and often serious light sensitivity.

3. Chronic Cough

Another seemingly obvious symptom, but another one that can easily be brushed off as a minor cold. Inhaled mold will commonly root in the lungs, causing sinus issues, shortness of breath, and a chronic cough.


This side effect can become very restricting on your ability to breathe and can potentially prove fatal if not addressed by your doctor.

4. Poor Memory

Scary as it is, mold can even affect your nervous system. This means some brain functions can be compromised when mold is in the equation. Memory is often a brain function affected by mold.

With this mental symptom, you’ll find your short term memory is disrupted, you have little to no concentration, and that you have trouble finding basic words to use.

5. Stiff Joints

If you find in the mornings that you’re waking up stiff, especially with sore joints, you might be surprised to hear this is a common symptom of mold illness. The mycotoxins in mold will often affect your joints and muscles, causing all-over pain and stiffness.

Often this is misdiagnosed by medical professionals as other, more common conditions, so if you know you have mold in your home with these symptoms, make sure to mention this crucial detail.

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